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“Writing is easy,” states Gene Fowler. “All you have to do is sit staring at a blank sheet until the drops of blood form on your forehead.” It can be hard work, but that’s why whatever you’ve written is important to you. It’s a part of your heart and soul lying bare out on those pages. It used to be either that a writer made the publishing rounds of multiplied rejections or else paid a vanity publisher who charged an exorbitant fee for 500 copies of a book which ended up molding in the back of your garage.

But now there are other alternatives. One of the most popular is called print-on-demand publishing. This means that a publisher sets up your manuscript so that, whenever you or anyone else wants a copy, the publisher can immediately print it and drop-ship it out for you. Why might you want to consider print-on-demand (POD) instead of a traditional commercial publisher?

  • It's absolutely terrific if you can be published by a commercial publisher but these publishers only publish about 2% of all the manuscripts they receive, that is, if they even allow unpublished writers to send manuscripts. On top of that, most literary agents only accept experienced writers, so it’s very easy to waste years sending out the same manuscript to every publisher you can possibly locate, only to be rejected by all.
  • These traditional publishers give most writers about 8-10% of the profit they receive in retail sales. If they end up selling copies wholesale, the author receives even less. POD publishers, however, often give writers 35%-100% of the pure profit on each sale. That’s a big difference.
  • POD publishing offers the author much more say in both the design and production of the book. What the writer thinks really counts.
  • Traditional publishers usually take a year to two years after acceptance to actually get a book into print. POD publishers can usually have your book published in 60-90 days.
  • POD publishing allows writers to pay for exactly as much of and what sorts of promotion they wish to use in publicizing their book. If you happen to want the book primarily as a lasting legacy to family and friends of your life and work, you don’t have to spend $2,000 on book promotion.
  • Occasionally, commercial publishers want to seriously transform a writers’ manuscript into something that will appeal more to those seeking super-sensational or shallow reading. In doing so, they may press for changes you really do not want.
  • Most commercial publishers will only strongly promote a book for a few months before they must move on to the next title hitting the transom. In self-publishing, you can keep all the publicity tools in place for years or until you move on to other things.
  • Traditional publishers have particular target audiences that may in some cases be quite narrow. That’s why so many manuscripts are rejected with the excuse, “This doesn’t reach our audience,” or “This manuscript doesn’t fit our needs.” They are deciding what readers want or need instead of allowing readers to do so. Unless a book is immoral or hopelessly poor writing, POD publishers are willing to let the readers decide what is legitimate and desirable instead of deciding it for them.
  • All this said, it is also true that you will not sell books unless people know about it. Don’t imagine that just because your book is on and Barnes & Noble that people will somehow search it out. You must use every available way to get the word out to the most people. Unless you’re a popular public speaker, expect to pay a few thousand extra dollars after publishing to assist in publicity.


Now that you've read some of the great advantages self-publishing can offer, I encourage you to study my publisher comparison chart and read the descriptions and grades I give various publishers. Everyone may not agree with my assessments, but I have studied these publishing houses and I offer my findings and judgments. One publisher charges $2,297 for its top publishing package. Another charges $6,500 for 500 copies of your book but no marketing and no publicity. A third charges $1,950 for the usual features, plus stuff like postcards, business cards, and bookmarks. Outskirts Press could justifiably charge $2,000 for their best package. For all the features they offer, most would charge at least $1,450. Instead, they have chosen to give authors a giant break by charging only $999 for a full package of publishing options and marketing opportunities.



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