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"Outskirts Press was the perfect publisher for my book on Business Reorganization. As a practicing attorney, I knew choosing the right publisher was very important." – Myles Alderman (Hartford, CT), author of Chapter 11: Business Reorganizations

"Wow! My books look amazing. Outskirts Press made my lifelong dream come true. From the very beginning I felt like I was the important one in the process. – Debra P. Whitehead (Hohenwald, TN), author of Into the Light “My experience publishing my first book, In Search of Mr Wonderful: The Journey From Myth To Madness, with Outskirts Press was, and still is, phenomenal! I have never been treated in such a professional, supportive and relaxing manner. My dream of becoming a published author came true this August and I have not stopped receiving compliments on the book and its custom cover design yet. Saying thank you doesn't seem strong enough to express how you have made me feel, but it is all I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Monica Bouvier (Anchorage, AK), author of In Search of Mr. Wonderful “I have published three books with Outskirts Press. The company's professional staff, impeccable ethics, top-notch service, and outstanding finished product have enabled me to fulfill a life's dream: to become a successfully published author." – Andrew J. Rodriguez (Golden, CO), author of Adios, Havana “The scale in which I have been treated from Outskirts Press is beyond measure. My Author’s Rep was fantastic, the Marketing COACH is very informative. The entire staff has made me feel as though I belong. I was so pleased with my book that I want Outskirts Press to publish my next books—two of which I am currently writing. I looked at several on-demand-publishing companies, but I was continually drawn to Outskirts Press—now I know why. I thank God that I followed my first thought. It is said, 'A first thought is the right thought.' I thank Outskirts Press for validating that forme." -Loretta Taylor (Stockton, CA), author of Running Back Past Forward "I can't believe I waited so long to publish my book. Your company is magnificent, and I am totally appreciating the marketing advice following publication. Thank you!" – Phyllis Meckley (Las Vegas, NV), author of Free Puppies "It was my pleasure to work with Outskirts Press and my Author's Rep. They did a great job in keeping me inspired. I now have two books published and a third one on the way. A Sin at Birth was fun and exciting, working with everyone at my side like family. My Author Rep has been a wonderful step-by-step person who had the answers to every question at all times. Thank you Outskirts Press for the compassion and fast work. I appreciate the awesome job you've completed." – Robin L. Anderson (Jersey City, NJ), author of A Sin At Birth "I was totally impressed, happy and satisfied with my Outskirts Press publishing experience. Working with Outskirts was easy, fun, and exciting. I am definitely recommending Outskirts to anyone thinking about publishing. My Author Rep was awesome! She answered all my questions, as did every other staff at Outskirts Press. And I am looking forward to publishing my second book with you soon. Thank you!" – Yvonne Williams (Palmdale, CA), author of Obama Mania "After months of research, we knew that Outskirts Press was truly the publisher for us. Compared to all the other publishers, Outskirts Press grants its authors the most rights, in addition to offering unmatched production and marketing support. The production process went remarkably well, and thanks to our flexible and caring Author Representative, our book was published much faster than we expected. Not only did Outskirts Press make sure that we were satisfied with every aspect of our book, but they also designed its cover, which turned out to be more attractive and enticing than we imagined possible. We were amazed at the exceptional quality of the end product and are grateful to Outskirts Press for helping our dream become a reality! "The superior service and assistance Outskirts Press provides to its authors does not end with publication. Through the Marketing COACH, Outskirts Press helped us improve our Amazon and Barnes & Noble listings and continues to give us useful marketing tips and advice. Most importantly, whenever we have questions or concerns, Outskirts Press is always there to help, and its representatives are both considerate and efficient. Thank you Outskirts Press for all of your hard work and dedication!" – Anna and Ellie Sherise (Whitewater, CO), authors of Magna Sententia "I want to thank all of you at Outskirt Press for everything you had to do to publish my book. I am so pleased with its appearance, the professional presentation, and how excellent the final product is. Most of all, I want you to know what an awesome Author Rep I had. Not only was she excellent in ensuring that I stayed focused on what I had to do, but she encouragied me to keep up my spirits and elevated me when I felt down, unsure, and plain thinking that my story was not worth telling. Please let her know that I highly recommend her for whatever she does, now and in the future. I know that one of the reasons I am so well pleased is because this organization is better than any Forbes 500 company, in my eyes." – Barbara Tone Hilliard-Mims (Baton Rouge, LA), author of Don't Blame Me If I Got The Name Wrong " I surveyed about eight companies and they are all the same. Three companies never responded when I contacted them and one clearly told me to look elsewhere. I was a bit discouraged but found the courage to work with another company—Outskirts Press. Personally, Outskirts Press is the best company in terms of services and caring. My first joy was the Manuscript Acceptance, any author who has had their manuscript rejected will understand what I mean… Secondly, the Publishing Packages — No other publishing company I have seen offers such different Publishing Packages like the Outskirts Press. Thirdly, the Galley Proof Stage—- a sensitive stage but I got through it, with the help of my Author Representative. And finally, the printed work was done. It was so beautiful when I saw it on my web page. Outskirts Press is a God-send and every author should experience their unique services." – Austin Dan (Nigeria), author of Flower-Ink "My author representative walked me through each step and answered all my questions. Though I felt like a pest, she was always patient. She explained everything and got answers to the questions she couldn't answer herself. I highly recommend purchasing a professional press release prepared by Outskirts Press. They did an outstanding job for me! I have already begun the process to publish my second childrens storybook with Outskirts!" – Melody Laubach (Garden City, KS), author of Words and Thoughts "My experience with Outskirts Press was outstanding. My author rep, Millissa, was very eager to answer my many questions, and was patient and helpful as she guided me through my publishing experience. I was ecstatic over the quality of my books, and readers continue to compliment the quality of the work and its illustrations. Outskirts Press has helped make my dream come true." – Charlotte Barnes (Navarre, FL), author of Stella Ducktropolis “Outskirts Press, you have let the cat out of the bag. You have revealed the plot. You have blabbed the end of the movie. There’s nothing mysterious about getting a book published and you have given away the secret. At writing conferences and workshops I’ve attended, the main topic of discussion isn’t about how to write better. Everything revolves around how to get books published. When agents lectured, I always heard how difficult it was to even get them to read your book, much less represent you. Editors always made it clear that the odds were stacked against an unknown writer but ‘you should not get discouraged – keep writing.’ Publishers passed out impressive numbers on books sold and author perks they provided, but the list of authors receiving these benefits contained well-known names that sell a lot of books. Mystifying and perplexing stuff. So, all the time I was writing, I spent a lot of time wondering what I was going to do with the final product. I talked to a lot to author friends, many who used POD publishers, none of whom were totally satisfied with the service they’d received. I think a miracle led me to Outskirts Press where I finally cast my lot and what a wonderful decision it turned out to be. The mystery was solved. Thanks, Outskirts Press. All I have to do now is follow the tips provided through the Marketing COACH to reap the profits. Hopefully, there will be some.” Schuyler T. Wallace (Bakersfield, CA), author of Tin Lizard Tales "I was thrilled when I found Outskirts Press for my children's book. I selected one of their custom illustration packages and the illustrator did an awesome job with the illustrations. My children's book is beautiful. When I am ready to publish my next book, Outskirts Press will be my publisher. – Bernadine Motto (Fort Collins, CO), author of The Adventures of Fluff the Bunny "Outskirts Press made the most sense to me. They had the most publishing options to choose from, and when my book was published, it fulfilled all my expectations. Now I have a 3rd full-color storybook and a novel in the works, too." – Michael Willert (Pine City, MN), author of Long Neck After hearing horror stories from other authors about experiences they had with their publishers, I was extremely careful in my decision to choose Outskirts Press. Working with Outskirts Press was an amazing experience. It has truly been a dream come true." – Dennis Hambright (Mesquite, TX), author of Mercenary Intent "I came across Outskirts Press and their policy of letting the author set the price and the discount. I decided to take a chance. The books I received were of very good quality and my book was posted for sale around the world at a price that is competitive with the major publishers." – B.W. Philpot (Seabrook, TX), author of The Paladin Chronicles "When I made the exciting decision to publish my book, I looked for a company with a personal touch, and found it with Outskirts Press. – Kari Caulfild (Westbury, NY), author of Pretty Blue. "I wanted a publisher who would honor my personal goals and not pressure me into modifying my message. I give Outskirts Press an A+ for personal attention to an author's wishes." – J. Ivey Davis (Santa Barbara, CA), author of The Struggle Among Ideas “Thank you for making my dream a reality. Your resources and Author Reps are top notch and professional in every sense of the word.” – Jermaine Rivers (Germany), author of The Nemesis Chronicles “Would you like to see your novel in print? Would you like to know publishing is not one nightmare, rejection letter after the next, trying to find a publisher who wants your tightly composed prose that just has to be read? And would you like the assurance that you're working with a team that will lead you confidently and easily through the process before, during, and long-after? You can! You can have all this and more with Outskirts Press.Their team of professionals will guide you one step at a time through the publication process and beyond–a book isn't complete until it’s been read by as large an audience as you can imagine. With the marketing team at Outskirts Press your audience is as unlimited as your imagination.” -B.T. Lenox (El Cajon, CA), author of Beyond The Border

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