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Outskirts will do the whole process for you, including a custom-designed book cover. But if you wish, Outskirts equips you to easily custom-design your own book cover using 25 sharp, professionally designed foundations, 18 different color variations, and a gallery of over 100,000 images. Writers can also set their own retail price. And they are given the pros and cons of offering the book either high-priced or low-priced. Outskirts offers five specialized super-promotion packages to add a powerful publicity push to the promotion features already included. A knowledgeable and patient author representative walks the author through every step of the publishing process offering answers and advice as needed. In an industry in which the author is often totally ignored after the book goes to print, Outskirts is the only POD that offers an email COACHing program that continues for two years after the book is released. Outskirts also prides itself on bending over backwards to give their writers the polite, friendly service they deserve.

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