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Where do I get Articles?

| July 17, 2012

If you administrate, own, or assist an Internet-based business or site one definite requirement is articles. Plain and simple, every one who has a site knows this. Even those who don’t have sites but are frequent Internet users realize this as well. Articles quench the thirst for information, knowledge, and know-how. Plus, the articles provide [...]

To the Average Joe Article Writer

| July 3, 2012

By Steve Fortosis I’m a professional writer and have seven books published and distributed. When I learned that one crucial way a marketer can succeed online is by writing, I thought I had it made. I figured if I could write a 60,000-word book, it would be a snap to write 40-50 articles. Well, it [...]

Why Your Book Needs Editing

| July 3, 2012

The Top Six Reasons Why Your Stuff Needs Editing By Steve Fortosis Article Word Count: 761 1) Words Aren’t Speled Right I know, I know. I misspelled a word and you noticed it. I can’t tell you how many books, magazines, and websites I’ve seen with spelling errors. Websites seem worst of all, maybe because [...]

Self Publishing is Becoming State-of-the-Art

| July 29, 2011

Years ago, people used to pay a few thousand dollars for five hundred copies of their book. The publisher would usually do a lousy job at production, then send you your five hundred copies. Nothing was done to help advertise or make the book accessible to the public. So in most cases, the books molded [...]

Three Primary Ways to Self-Publish your Book

| April 16, 2010

You’re not a best selling writer—in fact, maybe you’re a beginner with your first book manuscript and you want it published so bad you can taste it. Okay, here’s the real deal on publishing. If you have the talent and sheer determination, you might wish to try first getting published by traditional, commercial publishers. They’re [...]