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Best Article Spinner/Submitter

The first article submitters were quite inferior and had serious glitches, but internet inventors learn quickly from mistakes, and now there are some excellent pieces of software on the market.  Knowing that you don’t want a doctoral thesis, I will quickly do an introductory review of what is presently available in regard to article submission.  Of course, I will not pretend that I am coming close to mentioning all the services and submission software—not even close. But here are some of the ones heard about most.

“Manual” article submission may not always mean that a human is involved in every single step, but humans are more involved to make sure things are done correctly. For example, Article Hut offers premium service to ezines PR 4-7 (registration and one article: first time, $45; the second time, $20).  4Submission distributes three articles for $16, ten articles for $51, twenty articles for $102.

For a monthly payment, other article submission services take your wondrous articles and spew them out on the net in thousands of different nooks and crannies.  They are not super cheap but many customers feel they are reasonable and that the services deliver a lot of value if authors are churning out lots of articles. Here are a few of them with cost per year for premium service/unlimited articles: Content Crooner ($480), My Article Network ($574), Submit Your Article ($574), Distribute Your Articles ($600),  isnare: ($719), and Unique Article Wizard ($804).  I have found many positive testimonials about some of these services, but the one bragged about most frequently seems to be, you guessed it, the most expensive. Yes, Unique Article Wizard is a little complicated and klunky, but it’s hard to beat their coverage.  They claim to responsibly circulate your articles to over 11,000 sites.  It’s difficult to believe that these article services distribute your articles so widely without spewing out hundreds to spam sites.

Though a minority think duplicate content isn’t that big of a deal to search engines, most article marketers swear on the importance of quality article spinning.  The submitters above that are equipped to submit spins automatically are Magic Article Submitter, Mass Creator/Submitter, Automatic Article Submitter, and Article Post Robot.

How many ezine sites, blogs, article directories does each piece of software target?  Well, here are some numbers to crunch. However, please understand that claims aren’t everything. Some submitters that claim to reach 500 may in some cases only send to 350.  That said, Article Bot claims to send to 400, Quick Article Submitter claims over 400, Magic Article Submitter claims over 700, Article Post Robot claims 451, Article Submitter Platinum claims 374, Automatic Article Submitter claims 300+, Mass Article Submitter sends to 10, Article Submitter Pro2 claims 1,550.  It should be mentioned that some software creators claim that their submitter sends to less directories because they picked out only the better quality ones. The truth of that is up to buyers to decide.

For whatever reason, I haven’t bought Article Bot yet, but, for the price, it sure seems to achieve a lot. It’s hard to imagine the average article writer really missing the $25 that the Bot costs. I’ve probably used Quick Article Submitter the most. There aren’t that many ezines you can reach automatically, but semi-automatic is fast, and it ensures you send to the top ezines correctly. Magic Article Submitter has a smooth automatic spinner and it reaches hundreds of ezines that get your articles out on search engines fast. However, it doesn’t focus primarily on the top ezines. I like it for what it does. Mass Article Creator/Submitter had massive hype but not a ton of substance. Many still love the article creator; I bought it but rarely use it. The submitter sends to ten of the top ezines.  Automatic Article Submitter has a lot of positive reviews and it really delivers a punch. I haven’t heard a whole lot about Article Post Robot, but it could be the dark horse. It appears to offer just about every feature the professional article marketer would ever want or need. Article Submitter Platinum is very efficient and sleek.  Callen always seems to put out fine quality products. However, to my knowledge, it does not spin.  Article Submitter Pro2 seems to have lots of fans but I noted a number of vocal detractors also.  Hard to know who to believe. They scoff at the idea that duplicate content can be a problem.

Obviously I’m in a no-win situation.  Many will come down on me because I didn’t praise their favorite service or software to the skies.  However, after comparing all the various article submitters and submitter services, I’d have to say that my top choice is still Article Marketing Robot. For the money, it’s just the best option I can see for giving you great service and all the options online marketers value most. Click here for the Article Marketing Robot site:

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