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You’re totally confused. You’ve heard of a million ways to draw traffic to a website or affiliate site, but you have no idea what works. Some say you’ve got to pay big money for SEO, for adword marketing, for 25 pieces of expensive software, and you have to pay “internet gurus” thousands of dollars to train you with their videos or seminars. Others say that the free methods are sufficient to attract enough traffic so you’ll earn significant profit.
Article marketing is probably the best free method on the internet to get good backlinks, improve your search engine ranking, and promote your product. Sure it’s slower and harder work than most methods, but if faithfully and skillfully implemented, in the long term it can pay off. Another plus for article marketing is that if your content is top quality, original, and relevant, it may stay on the internet permanently—or at least for a number of years.
Scads of E-books have been published about many aspects of article writing and marketing. A lot of software has hit the market for article writing, spinning, and submitting. There may still be a few old school article marketers who painstakingly gather their own research, write one original draft that they never spin, and hand-submit these precious articles to 10-20 of the very top ezines.
However, most article enthusiasts have tried some sort of software, or they pay an article spin/submit service to replicate their articles big time. The first article products were slow, klunky, and sub-par. In fact, in some cases they hurt the writer’s effectiveness significantly. The articles they regurgitated were such a jumbled mess that few could decipher the article meaning. In fact, their combinations of words and syntax were sometimes embarrassingly amusing.
But then article submitters gradually became more and more refined and smooth running. Now we’ve got to examine the host of article submitters and decide which piece of software is the best of the best. You want me to tell you which submitter scored an A+ in my extensive research.? Sorry, guys. I just cannot include every single software package of this type. But I promise you, I did list most of the top software by price.

Article Bot $24.95
Quick Article Submitter $49.99
Magic Article Submitter $55
Mass Article Creator/Submitter $77
Article Marketing Robot $97
Article Post Robot $127
Article Submitter Platinum $167
Article Submitter Pro2 $189

In the final analysis, after assessing carefully the prices, the features, the effectiveness, the ease of use, the longevity, and overall success and testimonials of various article submitters, I decided that the Article Marketing Robot wins the battle. The software actually educates itself to spin your articles, it schedules when you want it to, it spins a unique intelligent article to hundreds of ezines. This is the software that I would advise you to purchase. Trust me, I don’t believe you will ever be disappointed. Go for it! Click on this link and shell out the measly one-time fee of $97:  Happy article marketing!

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