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Seven Secrets of OLD-FASHIONED PUBLISHERS That You Never Knew

You’ve spent months or even years writing your masterpiece and you sent it out to some regular commercial publishers. After many months of waiting, all you got for your trouble was form rejection letters that said “your book wasn’t what they were looking for at this time. You were heartbroken and thought there was no hope of ever getting published. Here are some facts about those traditional publishers.

1. Traditional publishers lose money on over 85% of the books they publish, so they only accept 2% of those that are submitted.

2. In most cases they only accept manuscripts from established authors who have demonstrated a proven track record and lots of sales.

3. Authors lose all control of their content during the editing process. It can be changed and some of the sections you like the most can be removed.

4. You expect the commercial publisher to pour many thousands of dollars into promoting your book for months. They usually give it one good marketing push, but if sales don’t take off, sayonara to you. They move on to the next books coming off the presses. Authors must still invest an enormous amount of time, energy, and money promoting a traditionally-published book.

5. Authors typically receive 5-10% royalty on the wholesale price of the book, and from that they have to give 15-25% to their agent. Do the math. It ain’t very encouraging.

6. The majority of books published by old-fashioned publishers go out of print within three years. Many books that are stocked on book shelves remain stocked for as little as five weeks before being returned unsold to the publisher.

7. Old-fashioned commercial publishers acquire all rights to your book and keep them, sometimes even when the book goes out of print or the publisher goes out of business! Print-on-demand publishers let you keep the copyright so you can do anything you want with it. If you decide later you want to get it printed yourself by a local printer, the POD publisher says fine.

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