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To the Average Joe Article Writer

By Steve Fortosis

I’m a professional writer and have seven books published and distributed. When I learned that one crucial way a marketer can succeed online is by writing, I thought I had it made. I figured if I could write a 60,000-word book, it would be a snap to write 40-50 articles. Well, it wasn’t quite that easy. I found out that article writing is a lot different from book writing. How, you ask?

1) When it comes to articles online, briefer is usually better. While the typical mag article might be 1000-1200 words, the ideal web article is probably 500-700 words. Longer articles may not keep readers’ attention unless the content is absolutely riveting.

2) Article titles should be catchy enough to grab the attention of “non-readers”-that is, individuals who don’t even like to read. How tos…, numbered pointers, secrets to learn, invaluable tips, routes to success, etc. These are the sort of article themes that tend to draw lots of readers.

3) Breezier is usually better. Magazine readers are sometimes content to hunker down in the sofa and read a heavy, rather complex article, but online readers tend to look for something light, maybe a little amusing, and with a very casual tone.

4) The reader should see some reward for reading the article. It may simply be the secrets, answers, solutions, or plans the author presents. Or, it may be a free e-book, a piece of software, a website that will help the reader. Maybe online readers are spoiled a bit, but they expect something in the article or in the resource box after the article that will really help them practically.

5) The more articles you place on the web, the more you should begin to appear to readers as the expert in a particular field in which they’re interested. If you repeat the same message or give them information they could have found in twelve other places, then they’re not necessarily going to respect your articles or seek more of your stuff. Also, if you choose a niche, ideally you should attempt to saturate that niche. This means that whenever surfers are looking for info about that topic, there’s a pretty good chance they’re going to come across one of your articles.

6) Preferably, go after niches that are quite narrow. If you write some articles on best dog food brands, I can guarantee that you’re going to have unbelievable competition on the net. Literally millions of articles will be ahead of yours on the search engines. However, though you may feel there isn’t enough interest, you might just find that most healthful foods/nutrients for German Shepherd puppies will give you a high position in Google and gain you more readers.

7) If you wish, when you’ve got a bevy of, say, about 20-30 solid articles with gold info, it’s not a bad idea to consider putting it all together in an e-book and either give it free as a good will premium or sell it for a small sum to people looking for invaluable info all in one convenient pdf file.

So I’m no longer the cocky professional writer strutting across the internet. I’m just another average Joe trying to succeed in online promotion. I’m just another guy attempting to grab people’s attention so I can give them something I have researched and I genuinely feel may help them in some area that’s important in their lives. And, God help me, I’m going to try to push value with articles that don’t have people snoring in the first 20 seconds.

Steve Fortosis has a Ph.D. and is professional writer and free lance editor. He is also involved in internet marketing. Knowing the unlimited potential of the internet, he desires to assist others to publicize what they have to offer to as many individuals as possible. And, if they wish to earn an extra income in this manner, he wants them to have the know-how to do so.

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