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Self Publishing is Becoming State-of-the-Art

Years ago, people used to pay a few thousand dollars for five hundred copies of their book. The publisher would usually do a lousy job at production, then send you your five hundred copies. Nothing was done to help advertise or make the book accessible to the public. So in most cases, the books molded away in the garage for years.

Now there are myriad choices for publishing and publishers can immediately produce and drop ship copies of your book to you or customers. Your books is also distributed and is available on huge sites like and Barnes& The product is great quality and you can pay extra for marketing assistance to publicize the book. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to do some hard work getting the word out about the book. But it does mean that, if you can sell a thousand copies or two, you will usually earn a lot higher percentage than if you went with a traditional publisher.

Check out the publishers on my site and take time to compare them. My personal favorite is Outskirts Press, but you will see that I’ve also given some other publishers high grades. Here’s to hoping this website sends you on your way to self publishing success! Click on the following link to check out a bunch of great publishing features:

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